Episode Description:

Join Jane as she chats with Simon Hardaker about his Christian journey and how he hears from God. Simon is a great friend of Gary & Jane, has a fantastic teaching gift, and is brilliant at hearing God for himself and others. Simon chases after God and deliberately finds ways to grow in his walk with Jesus. You will be mightily encouraged as you listen to Simon share his experiences.

Episode Notes:

Simon shares his journey of becoming a Christian and growing in Christ. He shares how he best receives intel from God. Simon unpacks the importance of being careful what we say as our words come true.

Prophetic activation:

Turn your heart and thoughts to Father God and ask Him about a particular person –

  • “Father God, what would you have me say to this person?”

Time Stamps:

[0:49] – Introduction to Simon Hardaker.

[1:54] – Jane & Simon share briefly how they have heard God this week.

[4:39] – Simon shares how he became a Christian.

[6:42] – Simon explains what a ‘Word of Faith’ church means.

[14:24] – Simon explains prophecy.

[15:39] – Simon shares how he first recognised God speaking to him.

[17:40] – Simon shares how he best receives intel from God.

[19:03] – A memorable time of receiving from God for a workmate.

[21:52] – Simon’s method of ‘pressing in’ and growing in Christ.

[23:41] – A short piece of advice for listeners.

[26:02] – Prophetic activation.

[27:39] – Jane & Simon both share a prophetic word for a listener.

[30:15] – Simon prays for you.

Resources / Links Mentioned:

Bible Verses Mentioned:

  • Ezekiel 4
  • Mark 11:35
  • Genesis 1
  • Judges 6-8 (Gideon)
  • Luke 6:45
  • Isaiah 55:11

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