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Do you want to grow in your intimacy with Father God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus?

Most people struggle with hearing God for themselves, so this podcast will equip you with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God.

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About Hearing God Podcast

Most people struggle to hear God, so this podcast will equip you with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God.

With each podcast being roughly 20 minutes, it gives you quick, relevant, Biblical, and practical strategies you can immediately apply to hear God.

In being able to hear God for yourself, it will not only grow your intimacy with God, but will also help solve problems, positively impact your relationships, and transform your sphere of influence.

We love seeing people naturally live supernatural lives, so this ‘Hearing God’ podcast is a tool to help see this fulfilled in your life.

 Latest Episode

Hearing God through Our Feelings


Have you ever walked into a room and your emotions have immediately changed negatively? Depending on your location, do you experience distinct shifts in your thoughts, emotions, or dreams? Do you hear God through your feelings? Join Gary & Jane as they share personal examples to help you understand how you can hear God through your feelings. They explain that character, maturity, and wisdom are needed to discern accurately where those feelings come from. They also discuss what a highly sensitive person is and share examples and resources to help unpack this area.

Season 1: Episode 29    |    29:21 min

Recent Episodes

Season 1: Episode 28    |    28:28 min

Season 1: Episode 27    |    26:34 min

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Meet The Hosts

Gary Berry

Gary Berry


Jane Berry

Jane Berry


We are a husband and wife team from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. We have two teenagers/young adults who are nearly at the stage of 'flying the coop'.

We are actively involved in Stairway Church in the prayer, healing, and prophetic ministries.

Gary has a garden cleanup business and Jane is in her last year of homeschooling their youngest.

Both Gary & Jane are involved in mentoring and helping others to deal with stuff in their lives and to 'fly'. Jane spends time with people helping their transformation through prayer ministry and coaching, plus also blogs and writes resources.

We love Jesus, love life, and love helping people grow in all things prophetic.

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Listen to become equipped with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God and develop your ability in releasing what you hear, see, sense, and know God is saying to you.