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Do you want to grow in your intimacy with Father God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus?

Most people struggle with hearing God for themselves, so this podcast will equip you with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God.

What would you love to hear God say to you today?

About ‘Hearing God’ Podcast

Most people struggle to hear God, so this podcast will equip you with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God.

With each podcast being roughly 20 minutes, it gives you quick, relevant, Biblical, and practical strategies you can immediately apply to hear God.

In being able to hear God for yourself, it will not only grow your intimacy with God, but will also help solve problems, positively impact your relationships, and transform your sphere of influence.

We love seeing people naturally live supernatural lives, so this 'Hearing God' podcast is a tool to help see this fulfilled in your life.

Gary Berry

Gary Berry


Jane Berry

Jane Berry


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Latest Episode


Episode 29: Hearing God through Our Feelings

Have you ever walked into a room and your emotions have immediately changed negatively? Depending on your location, do you experience distinct shifts in your thoughts, emotions, or dreams? Do you hear God through your feelings? Join Gary & Jane as they share personal examples to help you understand how you can hear God through your feelings. They explain that character, maturity, and wisdom are needed to discern accurately where those feelings come from. They also discuss what a highly sensitive person is and share examples and resources to help unpack this area.

Season 1, Episode 29   |    29:21 mins

Episode 28: Hearing God through asking great questions

Should I marry this person? Which career should I choose? Where should I live? Why does God allow suffering? Why did my friend die? These are all common questions, and God loves you asking questions. A great way to hear God is to ask the right questions. Join Gary & Jane as they share great questions to ask God and unpack how to recognise the answer and wait ‘well’ while waiting for the reply.

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Episode 27: Times when we can easily miss hearing God

I wonder how much we miss hearing God because we are not paying attention, life circumstances get in the way, or we are not in a healthy relationship with God. Join us as we share various heart and mind attitudes where we can easily miss hearing God. As always, we share engaging personal examples of times when we have heard God and stepped out in obedience.

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