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Dreams are a gift from God. As with any gift, it is useless if we don’t unpack it. The Talmud says a dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read. We roughly spend a third of our life asleep – why not make use of it by receiving from God, as dreams are the purest form of a prophetic word you will ever receive. Join Gary & Jane as they begin to unpack the difference between dreams, visions, and nightmares, address night terrors in children, and inspire you to begin to record your dreams. Jane shares how nightmares often reveal your identity and expose the enemy’s plans. This episode is part 1 of a 3-part series on dreams and their interpretations.

Episode Notes:

Dreams are a gift from God.

  • Dreams are an invitation from God to draw closer to Him and to come to know Him at a greater level. Dreams open up the mysteries of God.
  • Our spirit is awake as we sleep. Song of Songs 5:2 “I was asleep but my heart was awake.”
  • It bypasses our minds to get our attention and bring things to the forefront.
  • Dreams are the purest form of a prophetic word you will ever receive.
  • The word for ‘dream’ in ancient Hebrew is chalowm. Unpacking the four meanings of that word gives a fuller understanding of the word ‘dream’ – the mystery hidden from you is being brought to you and revealed.
  • Proverbs 25:2 When God hides something in a dream, it is an invitation into a conversation to search out and to find out more, to go on a journey with God.

God uses dreams for evangelistic purposes.

  • God speaks through dreams to those who don’t know Him as Lord, such as King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible in Daniel 2:28.
  • Over 4/5 of Muslims have never met a Christian. Thus, God needs to get their attention somehow. Many dream of a man in white (Jesus) and become a Christian through meeting Jesus in their dreams.

Difference between dreams, visions, and nightmares.

  • A dream refers to the events or series of thoughts and images seen in our mind whilst asleep.
  • The Bible also talks about visions – Peter was awake and praying and saw a vision/trance of the unclean food (Acts 10:9-23). John was awake for his vision recorded in Revelation (Revelation 1:9-20).
  • A nightmare occurs when the enemy tries to shut down communication between God and us. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). The enemy fears us stepping into our identity and calling. There’s a calling on our life that scares the enemy, and he will come while our defences are down – or when we are asleep.
  • Nightmares are a lie from the enemy, a lie that we end up believing about ourselves. Thus, we need to redeem that which the enemy is trying to rob from us.
  • Often reveals the strategy of the kingdom of darkness, exposing the enemy’s plans.
  • It usually highlights a truth about our authority in God.
  • Nightmares can be common in children and reveal generational strongholds that must be dealt with to bring freedom. If a door opens, fear will enter and usher in shame, guilt, and condemnation. A nightmare is a heads-up, a warning, a caution. Nightmares are always redemptive. Psalm 24:1
  • The enemy is counterfeit. Counterfeit to be like God. Usually chaotic if from the enemy as God is a God of order and not chaos.
  • Praying Medic says: “The enemy shows us things of darkness in order to draw us into them as a participant, while God reveals darkness to help us defeat it….. God has a redemptive purpose in all He does…..” (Praying Medic, Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple (2015))
  • Don’t focus on what the devil is doing/saying – prophesy to the devil. Switch it. Faith trumps fear. If he comes in this way, stand and declare in your authority.
  • James 4:7 “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”
  • Night terrors – kids’ brains are trying to process stuff they’ve witnessed, usually on television. It is quite common when the television goes all day in the background. When tsunamis, floods, bushfires etc, kids see the news flashes.
  • Dreams reveal things about ourselves, God’s plans, the enemy’s plans for our lives, and they can also be processing past events or unresolved issues that we may well have ‘brushed’ over and felt that the event no longer impacts us. In His wisdom, God knows far greater, and sometimes that may be the only way we will start to process the past hurt or situation.

The source of dreams:

  • Demonic – often an invitation to intercession or revelation on overcoming the enemy.
  • God – often related to our calling/destiny or containing divine strategy or ideas.
  • Self – processing life or the day’s events. Often, dreams can pinpoint an issue that’s currently in our life but hasn’t risen to the surface yet or something that we’ve been asking questions about but haven’t found a solution to. God can still speak through these.
  • Look at the fruit to discern the source.

Preparing for a Dream:

  • Limit alcohol, drugs/chemicals and prescription drugs (eg sleeping tablets). The more alert your brain is, the clearer you can hear and see from God.
  • Be careful what you watch and read before bed. If you fill your mind with scary movies or stories before sleep, then expect that that may influence your thoughts while asleep.
  • Sleeping atmosphere – quiet, relaxing, peaceful environment contributes to calmer sleep, thoughts, and hearing from God while asleep.
  • Have a recording device (or journal & pen) by your bed to document your dream.
  • Look at your attitude towards dreams. Be intentional and expectant. Show God that you want to hear from Him during your sleep. Confess any inner vow you have made about not wanting any dreams.

Prophetic activation:

Turn your heart and thoughts to Father God and ask Him:

  • Father God, is there a dream I’ve had in the past that I’ve ignored or brushed over where you were trying to tell me something? Can you please remind me of that dream?
  • Father God, please show me what I need to know about dreams and my attitude towards them?

Time Stamps:

[0:41] – Gary & Jane share briefly how they have heard God this week.

[2:44] – Dreams are a gift from God.

[5:01] – Preparation for dreaming.

[8:04] – Dreams bypass our minds to get our attention.

[9:35] – The meaning of the word ‘dream’.

[11:18] – God uses dreams as a method of evangelism.

[12:37] – The difference between dreams, visions, and nightmares.

[17:39] – Examples of redeeming nightmares.

[18:59] – Jane addresses night terrors.

[21:10] – The sources of dreams.

[22:24] – Encouragement to look at the ‘fruit’ of the dream if unsure of the source.

[23:02] – Preparation for a dream (expanded)

[24:00] – Prayer for those who have ‘shut’ down their dream life because of fear.

[25:06] – Prophetic activation.

[26:60] – Gary & Jane both share a prophetic word for a listener.

[27:23] – Gary prays for you.

Resources / Links Mentioned:

Bible Verses Mentioned:

  • Song of Songs 5:2
  • Proverbs 25:2
  • Daniel 2:28
  • Joel 2:28
  • Acts 2:17
  • Acts 10:9-23
  • Revelation 1:9-20
  • John 10:10
  • Psalm 24:1
  • James 4:7
  • 1 John 1:9
  • Ephesians 6:10-18
  • Galatians 5:22-23
  • Galatians 6:7-9

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