Episode 11: What to do when I can’t hear God for Myself

Episode 11: What to do when I can’t hear God for Myself

Episode Description:

This episode of Hearing God is packed full of strategies that can help us move forward in our capacity to hear God, especially if we are feeling stuck or as though we can’t hear God. Gary & Jane share many practical strategies and examples. The prophetic activation is encountering God through the gift-giver activation.


Episode Notes:

First Principle: Ask a different question.

  • Change the question you ask God.
  • Change things up in your relationship with God.
  • Am I enjoying my relationship with God?
  • Am I treating God like Santa Claus?
  • Praise shifts the atmosphere.

Second Principle: Check obedience.

  • Is there somewhere I am still to obey God?
  • Is there an unbelief in hearing God?
  • Is it because it is not the answer we want?
  • Do I need more assurance or a ‘sign’?
  • Is there a preconceived idea of what God sounds like?

Third Principle: God may appear silent, or the answer may look different.

  • Speak life over your situation.
  • Ask God, “What are you not saying?”
  • Ask God, “What is your perspective of where I am right now?”


Prophetic Activation:

Led through the Gift-giver encounter of imagining Jesus walking up to you and giving you a present.


Time Stamps:

[1:23] – Gary & Jane share briefly how they have heard God this week.

[5:29] – First Principle – ask a different question.

[7:13] – Encouragement to change things up.

[8:38] – Gary asks if we’re treating God like Santa Claus.

[9:27] – Second Principle – check obedience.

[10:06] – Jane asks if it is because we are not getting the desired answer.

[12:14] – Jane shares a dream she had.

[16:03] – Encouragement to try prayer ministry.

[16:53] – Third Principle – God may appear silent, or the answer may look different.

[19:01] – Practical steps to apply in your life.

[21:38] – Prophetic activation – gift giver encounter.

[24:54] – Gary prays for you.

Resources / Links Mentioned:

Bible Verses Mentioned:

  • Psalm 119:105
  • Psalm 100:4
  • Exodus 3 &4
  • Romans 12:2
  • Jeremiah 29:12-13
  • Jeremiah 33:3
  • Deuteronomy 1:8
  • Isaiah 55:11

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