Episode 000: Trailer

Episode 000: Trailer

Episode Description:

In this introductory episode, we introduce ourselves and the aims for this podcast – that of helping you hear God and live a naturally supernatural life. Most People struggle with hearing God for themselves, so we share how this podcast will equip you with tools and practical examples so you can confidently hear God. In being able to hear from God for yourself, it will draw you closer to God, help you solve problems, positively impact your relationships, and transform your sphere of influence. Above all, it is our desire for you to grow in your relationship with Father God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

Episode Notes:

  1. Introduction to the podcast.
  2. Introduction to Gary and Jane Berry.
  3. A memorable first encounter Gary had with the prophetic.
  4. One of Jane’s first times hearing God.
  5. Hearing God is more than hearing a voice. It includes all the senses – seeing, knowing, feeling, sensing etc.
  6. An activation to help you hear God.


Ask Father God, “Can you please show, tell, or give me something to encourage me today?”

Time Stamps:

[0.20] – Jane shares how hearing God for yourself will help you.

[0.42] – Gary shares the aim of the Hearing God Podcast.

[0.57] – An introduction to Gary and Jane.

[1.54] – Gary shares a memorable encounter with the prophetic.

[3.09] – Jane shares about herself.

[3.35] – Jane’s experience of hearing an audible voice.

[4.58] – God is interested in every part of our life.

[5.16] – This episode’s practical activation.

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