Episode 10: Helping Our Kids Hear From God

Episode 10: Helping Our Kids Hear From God

Episode Description:

Children often hear God easier than adults as they don’t seem to have the same ‘hangups’, ‘junk’, or preconceived ideas about what God sounds like. They tend to trust that if they ask God a question, He will answer them immediately. In this episode of the Hearing God Podcast, we cover fantastic principles to help our children increase their faith and hear from God. As usual, we share numerous examples and ideas for practising.

Episode Notes:

First Principle: No Junior Holy Spirit
  • Kids have the same access to God/J/HS we have.
  • Matthew 19:14. Matt 18:2-4 Jesus talks about becoming like little children to enter the Kingdom.
  • The Lord calls to Samuel when he was a boy in 1 Samuel 3.
  • Often greater capacity to trust God will speak and answer them.
  • Often don’t have the junk that we have. Accept the first thought will be from God.
  • 4–5-year-olds Sunday School class. Asked to draw a picture from God for the child opposite them.
  • A powerful example when I misrepresented God.
Second Principle: Build their faith.
  • Build anticipation and awareness that they can hear from God.
  • Make it normal e.g. what did you dream about last night?
  • Bible stories increase faith.
  • Brainstorm with kids God’s character and what He sounds like.
  • Teach your child the Bible and who they are in Christ.
  • Protect your kid’s innocence e.g. movies they watch. Let God show them what angels and the supernatural look like, not what movie directors think.
  • Be careful not to open the door of fear with what they see/hear/read.
Third Principle – practice.
  • Turn into a game.
  • Different creativity expressions e.g. cooking, Lego, painting, dancing, singing,
  • Examples from our family of people impacted by the kids hearing God.

Prophetic Activation:

Ask God to show you which children’s toy represents you at the moment and why? Ask further questions about the toy.

Time Stamps:

[0:39] – Adults tend to query, “Is that me or is that God?” Kids believe it’s God. [1:07] – First principle – no junior Holy Spirit [5:15] – Jane shares an example when she misrepresented God with her daughter. [7:41] – God communicates differently to different people. [9:18] – Second principle – build their faith. [11:57] – Protect your child’s innocence. [13:06] – Third principle – practice. Have fun. [14:03] – Jane shares powerful examples of people impacted by her kids hearing God. [19:12] – Prophetic activation. [19:58] – Prophetic word for a listener. [21:57] – Gary prays for you.

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Bible Verses Mentioned:

  • Matthew 19:14
  • Matthew 18:2-4
  • Romans 8:11
  • 1 Samuel 3
  • Isaiah 43:1

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